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A virtual currency backed by real value


We aim to be among the top ten currencies in the World

UBW based in Tallinn Estonia


Based in Tallinn, Estonia, UBW was set up in August 2015 and currently employs 27 staff and management. Our management team have a 20-year track record of financial transactions with Estonian banks and their directors. We know them and more importantly they know us.


Our Vision is to be among the top 10 used currencies in the world and to be positioned behind these major currencies including the USD and to make it the preferred currency for all businesses and especially in countries where the local currency is very volatile and inflation is high.

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Backed by real value

The UBW coin is backed by the value of existing and new companies that form part of our company portfolio. For every seller in every company, the value increases, for every registered user in UBW the value increases. For every year of operations, the value increases.


The initial value of UBW coins is set at €1 per coin


A digital currency with a real value and a limited amount of coins to be released

The UBW Coin will increase by €0,0002 for every new user who registers on U-B-W.com. This increase in value will change as the number of registered users increases to maintain a realistic coin value. This is to ensure that the value of the coin is the same no matter what package or how many optional packages a user buys; it is only increased once at registration for every new user.

From the date when we open for trading of the UBW coin (December 1st 2016), it will be the market that will decide the price. If the offer is higher than the demand, the price will decrease, and if the demand is higher than the offer the price will increase. UBW have a very unique reward system, which includes all registered users who register before the UBW coin will be available publicly on May 1st 2017. Through this reward system there will always be a huge demand of the coins on top of the demand created through use of the coin for purchase of products and services.

UBW based in Tallinn Estonia

Limited Release of Coins

This ensures that the market is not flooded causing the price to decrease. It also prevents a single person or company from holding a large enough amount of coins so as to have an effect on the value of the coin. Coins are given as bonuses for different activities or reserved through a specific Coin Options Package.

UBW based in Tallinn Estonia

Backed by Real Value

The UBW coin is backed by the value of existing and new companies within our growing company portfolio. We are confident our portfolio will be solid because we are managed and run by a team that have proven track records in this field. We are also hiring 1000's of sales people to strengthen sales for each company.

UBW based in Tallinn Estonia

Banking Services

During October/November 2016 UBW will have its banking services in place giving this currency even more flexibility and under bank regulation. The banking services is an international banking services giving this currency something no other virtual currencies have at the present time. With UBW you get a bank account for your coins.

A ViRtual CurrENCY

It is planned to make the UBW coin available publicly on May 1st 2017

A Valid Currency

A virtual currency that is set up to be used as a valid currency from day one.

Financial Rules & Regulation

We aim to meet all future financial rules and obligations so that governments worldwide can approve it.

Banking Experts

A virtual currency that is developed with the expertise of banking experts.

Global Acceptance

Our salespeople are actively signing up business partners worldwide who will accept this currency.

UBW Coins Cannot Be Purchased

Coins are given as bonuses by the company for different activities or are gifted in smaller amounts.

Not A Crypto coin & Not Mined

We aim to be fully set up to be a regulated bank that fully meets all future financial rules and obligations.

Global Marketplace

A large global marketplace where everything can be paid for with UBW Coins

It is a bold statement to say that you will be able to buy or rent any products and services with this currency by January 1st 2017. But we stand by it. Companies worldwide can register with us and rent or sell anything they wish through our global trading platform. Our users can use their UBW coins to purchase everything offered through the UBW marketplace.

A Massive Salesforce

From the 15th of September 2016 our massive sales force will start populating the UBW Market website. With thousands of sales people enrolling 3-5 businesses per day each, UBW Market will within 1 year, be the NO 1 website in the world in terms of the number of ads that it promotes.

Changing the World of online Ads

When you look at traditional industries Worldwide, most are outdated and boring. But customers still continue to do business with these companies within these industries because there simply is no alternative. UBW is a new Marketplace will be sleek, modern and clean easy to use. It is a game changer.

UBW based in Tallinn Estonia

Help Grow UBW Market

If you know someone who has their own business or company, register them on the UBW Market website, and receive 0,5% of the annual turnover in Coins from this client.

UBW based in Tallinn Estonia

Buy or Rent with UBW Coins

From the 1st of January 2017 you can use your UBW coins to make purchases within the online Marketplace. The number of products and services available will continue to grow.

UBW based in Tallinn Estonia

1000's of Salespeople

As with other companies within the UBW portfolio, we will have 1000's of salespeople promoting and selling UBW Global Marketplace to companies and businesses all over the globe.

Meet our team

Banking | Legal | Accounting | Marketing | Management | Support | International

Paal Aschjem


Prof. Harald R Pfab


Jüri Ploom


Romildo De Cunha

Global Marketing

Robert Fernadez


Kerttu Afanasjev

In-house Accountant

Markku Pihlajaniemi

Office Manager

Carl Rajalin

Head of Support


Paal Aschjem - Chairman

Paal is renowned throughout his international network for his role as the founder and long-time Chairman of the Norwegian–Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the Chairman of the Foreign Investors Council in Estonia, International Vice President of Junior Chamber International and the president of JCI Association of Senators in Europe. Besides his business activity he is devoted to charity work. Paal has developed several major companies in Norway and Estonia during the last 20 years and still maintains an illustrious career. He has an education in aviation and technical engineering.

Our Core Team

Jüri is an expert in commercial law. Robert has held many top positions in companies in India, Middle East, and Africa. Harald was the Executive Vice President of Landesbank Germany from 1985 to 2007, was then CEO of Sachsen Bank Germany from 2007 to 2013 and is currently CEO of HHP Beratung GmbH. Kerttu is licensed as a certified accountant and has worked with major companies throughout Estonia. Markku has worked for several years as Development Director with Teleperformance responsible for implementing sales automisation software and solutions. Carl has worked in several positions as sales team leader throughout the telemarketing sector.

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